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 About us

GenePoly Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the R&D of oligonucleotide modification reagents and nucleic acid drug delivery systems. The company's R&D team is made from overseas returnees in the United States. Partners have more than 10 years of experience in R&D, production process amplification and market development in this field.

Based on the technical characteristics, we focus on developing chemical and biological products with difficult separation and high-quality requirements, involving fluorescent dyes, Quencher, linkers, nucleic acid drug-related DNA/RNA phosphoramidites, solid supports and drug delivery systems. All the products have strict quality control, and the purity is 2-3% higher than the industry standard. Moreover, the products have been verified by coupling application on the oligo synthesizer, which ensures the product quality.

Suzhou GenePoly is committed to becoming the core raw material supplier of bio-pharmaceutical and the technical support service platform for bio-pharmaceutical research and development, focusing on better quality and lower price.

Application Area

qPCR probe 

raw materials

Fluorescent dyes & Quenchers

Sequencing primer raw materials


Nucleic acid drug 

raw materials

Nucleoside monomers & delivery system

Oligo synthesis 

raw materials

Monomers & Solid supports

mRNA synthesis 

raw materials

Cap & NTP

 Applications of polymer materials

Drug packaging and delivery


  • GenePoly assist nucleic acid drug R&D

    With the emergence of GalNAc delivery system and chemical modification technology, the delivery and stability of small nucleic acid have been initially solved, and small nucleic acid drugs have ushere

  • GenePoly developed new double-quenchers to PCR detection

    With the development of PCR detection technology, more stringent requirements have been put forward for the sensitivity, accuracy, fluorescence intensity, background signal and other technical indicat

Industry dynamics
  • Analysis of the global fluorescent dyes scale

    The new coronavirus epidemic in 2020 has made in vitro diagnosis (IVD) a medical professional word into the homes of ordinary people. Compared with biochemical diagnosis and immune diagnosis, molecula

  • Importance of nucleic acid drug chemical modification and delivery

    1.Chemical modification of nucleic acid drugs

    (1) Chemical modification of sugar

    In the early stage of nucleic acid drug development, many nucleic acid compounds showed good biological activ



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